Jessie B

Bio: Grew up in a lovely village in rural Northumberland, I then moved to Newcastle where I studied both my undergrad and postgrad at Newcastle University. I now live in London Town and love pretty much everything about it. (Angry commuters at rush hour and the Northern line, not included). I’ve always enjoyed writing about every day experiences/observations and that is why I have started this blog – to share some of my stories/ramblings… Here are some things you don’t need to know about me, but I’ll share anyway because, well, it’s nice to share: I like green apples, but prefer red grapes; I like to people-watch (but am keen to avoid stalking); my dad say’s I’m a ‘clumsy oaf’; Lisa calls me her ‘special’ friend; For too many years I wanted to name my first child, Crayola (what kid doesn’t love to colour?) – I saw the error of my ways; big fan of the cold side of the pillow; Sucker for a conspiracy theory; my favourite Beatle is George, he was underrated... I have a tendency to sound like a middle-aged man, which is funny because I’m actually more like an 8 year old girl, trapped in a 20 (something) woman’s body. The moral of the story? Age confuses me… I’m continuing to perfect the art of procrastination… Pleasure to meet you! Jess x

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